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Adopt an Information Security Management Platform

Most cybersecurity organizations deploy an Information Security Management System. It is time to use a platform to deploy it in a modern way.

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Assess risks and compliance requirements

Add the result of your risks analysis to find it quickly while deploying cybersecurity. Add all the requirements from local laws, regulations, customers, and internal control. Then you can quickly build and update your cybersecurity roadmap


Manage cybersecurity deployment

Add all the cybersecurity projects you have, track tasks for each project, and affect them to your team. Next, add all IT projects that need to be tracked by cybersecurity, add all minutes and functions to follow them accordingly.

Control cybersecurity deployment

Start collecting Key Performance Indicators on crucial topics such as awareness, vulnerability management, and third parties.


Cockpit Features


Write minutes of your recurrent meetings with shareholders and add tasks agreed in minutes


Find and select charts that can help inform your management and solve your problems


Generate recurring reportings by adding favorites notes, tasks, and documents updates

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