Our team is focused
on industrializing

Our mission is to help people in charge of cybersecurity in their daily activity to efficiently assess, manage, and monitor cybersecurity within a modern environment while automating their worflows

About Us

Our adventure started during the COVID pandemic, in a world where cybercrime strikes whatever the size and the location of the organization, increasing the need for more people deploying cybersecurity quickly.

Our international team is based in Western Europe and works in a fully remote environment.

With our experience, dozen of feedbacks from CISO, and advisers from Silicon Valley, we aim to help cybersecurity teams industrialize  cybersecurity.

Our Values

Operation Driven

Industry Recognition

During the first months, we mainly focused on iterating quickly our product to find the best product for the problem we are working on.

However, in late 2020, we had a price from the Chamber of Commerce France-Israel about our product and the team.