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Forget about your Excel spreadsheets and many tools to manage risks, compliance, cybersecurity projects, security in projects, third parties, awareness, and significant cybersecurity topics.

Our Information Security Management Platform (ISMP) enables you to manage all cybersecurity aspects. From assessment, deployment tracking, and monitoring in one single place.

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Day to day cybersecurity experts spend a lot of time on basic tasks that can be done by computers leading to a lot of frustration while having to deliver faster.

Our team help you identify what can be automated by your organization in order to help your expert focusing on what matter the most from a cybersecurity stand point.

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Easy to onboard

Our transportation company, based in Europe, has been notified as Operator of Essential Services following European Directive NIS. Therefore, we build a team to deploy cybersecurity. To sustain our efforts and showing results to our national regulator, we needed to scale very quickly. CyberLead helped us both automate many tasks with a small team while providing a platform that help us tracking our quick progress

CISO, Transportation company

Better structure customers cybersecurity

Our challenge as MSSP is to provide a good service and show it while onboarding customers on tasks. The collaborative approach provided by CyberLead helps to serve our customers better while detecting pain points faster.

Delivery Manager, MSSP

Showing results is now really easy

During the COVID pandemic, we suffered a major cybersecurity attack. Our state decided to bring new legal requirements to us. Within few months, we had to deploy cybersecurity quickly. CyberLead helped us do it in a highly organized way while showing our cybersecurity posture’s progress. I will recommend the team if you need to scale cybersecurity quickly

CISO, Hospital

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